Prof. Alon Kadish

Prof. Alon Kadish
Humanities Building, Room 6503

Prof. Kadish received his Ph. D in 1980 from University of Oxford. Since 1980 he teaches at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His research interests include economic history, the campaign for free trade in the early 19th century, Military history, Palestine in the 1940s and History of the Israeli War of Independence.

Recent Publications:

Kadish, A. (1989) Historians, Economists and Economic History. London, Routledge, xii + 297 pp.

Kadish, A. and Tribe, K., eds. (1993) The Market for Political Economy: The Advent of Economics in British University Culture, 1850-1905. London, Routledge, 255 pp.

Kadish, A. (1995) To Arms and Farms: The Hakhsharot in the Palmach. Tel Aviv, Galili Center, Tag Publishers, 304 pp. (Hebrew).

Kadish, A., ed. (1996) The Corn Laws: The Formation of Popular Economics in Britain. London, William Pickering, 6 vols.